Insights into the Consciousness of Snake Remedies
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"This book is a real gem - concise, complete and easy to read. I wish there were more books like this one, covering other families of homeopathic remedies- you have raised the standard of studying the modern materia medica!"

"You present a lot of information, but in a format easily digestible and interesting to read, as opposed to being overly academic and intimidating. Something definitely to be proud of!"

"I judge a book by its usefulness in increasing my success rate and success of a homeopath depends on accurately differentiating closely similar remedies. Your tables clearly differentiating snakes as well as remedies are the most precious part of this book. I commend you whole-heartedly for this work."

"I have been engrossed in it. What a lovely job you have done! I am so impressed-"

"The book is amazing! So thoughtful and respectful to both snakes and people. Thank you so much for your contribution to Homeopathy through this book!"

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